Ocean Swim Safari: Odyssey in the Greek Islands

July 15-23, 2013

Our oceanswimsafari — a swim cruise through the Greek Islands — is shaping up as one of our most culturally enriching to date, not to mention healthy in terms of the swimming we’ll be doing. We had a call over Skype recently from a swim cobber currently in Cyprus, telling us of all the wonderful swims he’s been doing, by himself, along the Cypriot coast, and earlier Cretan coast.

We’re almost — but not quite — sick of hearing ourselves talking about all “the best water we’ve ever swum in” from our oceanswimsafaris over 2012. But it’s true: we’ve been to so many places, especially new places, where the water has been “the best we’ve ever swum in”.

Our cobber in Cyprus was saying exactly the same thing to us.

The best Greek food

Now comes our Greek Island odyssey. We’re working with one of Australia’s foremost Greek chefs, David Tsirekas, who runs the one-hatted Xanthi Restaurant & Bar in Sydney’s Centrepoint, to bring you a week’s sailing and leisurely ocean swimming in the Greek Islands at the height of summer in 2013. David knows Greece, as he should. He’s led food tours to Greece before, and now, together, we’re leading a swim and food tour, with ancient experiences thrown in. Greek food, fit for the Gods… in Greece!

The oceanswimsafari

We’ll assemble in Piraeus, the port of Athens, on Monday, July 15, then set sail the following day, Tuesday, for a week. Where will we go? Who knows. Where the wind takes us, and where our skipper aboard the very nice Cyclades 50.5 thinks will be a good place to go. we’ll sail; we’ll swim; we’ll live on board. Each day, we’ll call into a village for lunch or dinner.

All our other meals, David, one of Australia’s most renowned chefs, will cook for us on board.