Gourmet Tour: Northern Greece 2013

Chef David Tsirekas and Accoutrement’s Sue Jenkins are delighted to be returning to the lesser known Northern Greece.

The tour will start in Thessaloniki where we will be based at the Daios hotel for 3 nights. This is a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city overlooking the water. Thessaloniki is known as the queen of the Byzantine Empire, second only to Constantinople. The remaining 7 nights of the tour we will be at the Villa Amara at Pelion. The group will then be taken to Athens at the conclusion of the tour.

During our trip we will be taking day trips to Naoussa to visit the Kir-Yianni vineyard – home of the Greek grape Xinomavro where we will have a private tour culminating in tastings and lunch.

We will visit the Kozani region, where David’s family is from, to see the saffron fields and partake in the communal Grappa. On this day we will be visiting David’s aunties for lunch and a cooking class to roll Pitter and Giaprakia. The alpine city of Metsovo in the Ionnina region is famous for its cheeses and well worth our visit – we will be touring the Dodoni Fetta factory and also visiting the Katogi winery. We will also visit King Phillip’s tomb – a fabulous archaeological site of which we will have a private guided tour.

We will also be visiting local markets which will provide the inspiration for cooking classes with David, eating at local restaurants, visiting Bouzoukia for late night drinks as well as sampling the high life with visits to Clochard for dinner and then skipping to Hatzis for dessert.

Accoutrement Gourmet Tours

The tour is for 10 nights and is limited to 12 people.

You will be responsible for making your own way to Thessaloniki (plane or train from Athens) and then your own way home from Athens.

We will be travelling between the dates of 1 May 2013 – 22 May 2013. Exact date and cost to be confirmed. The tour will be filled on a first come first served basis.

To register your expression of interest please call Sue or Jenna on 9969 4911 or email accoutrement@bigpond.com.